The Story Behind The Passport Cover



 In Cuba, I had a very interesting experience, a few of my items were misplaced Saturday night. My ‘nice’ sunglasses, my neck wallet/passport holder, along with MY PASSPORT, and some U.S. currency. Thankfully, my flight didn’t depart until Monday afternoon, so off I went to the U.S. Embassy in Cuba on that Monday morning to apply for a new passport.

Oh boy the experience that was!! To begin, I needed passport photos and thankfully, across the embassy, there was a small shop taking mug shot like photos (technology has room for improvement out there). The lines at the Embassy weren’t too bad when I arrived by 7am but I was so heartbroken I couldn’t explore the remainder of ‘Old Havana.’

Here comes the good part, I don’t know about you and your faith, but let me share, someone turned in my passport to the police station, and thankfully, they were able to contact the airbnb host and a friend of mine arrived to the U.S. Embassy right before I went through the metal detectors.

When I was told my passport was at the local police station, I jumped up and down, did the happy dance, and said, ‘GOD LOVES ME SO MUCH!’ And off I went to pick up my passport and explore more of Old Havana – to enjoy an amazing mojito and cafecito cubano before I departed to the airport.

Yes, this story is crazy! YES, GOD loves ME, ME an imperfect woman! But from it all, it brought a greater desire to create something in which can inspire others to explore. To go off on new adventures and the desire to create this passport cover!

TODAY, I encourage you to travel MOORE! Explore this beautiful world we live in. Get out, get out and explore. KEEP IN MIND, YOUR ADVENTURE AWAITS but you are the one in control of those adventures. Make it happen!

Cheers to a new adventure!

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